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Drawing interior angles.

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How can I draw lines with specific interior angles between them?


For example, if I draw my first line then, I want to draw the second one but with an interior angle of 100deg between them, what can I do? :(



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Welcome to CADTutor forum. :)

Start the line command then use

Angles in Autocad are measure by default counterclock wise.


You sound like a good candidate for the TUTORIALS link at the top of the page, lots of really good

videos and free instruction available.

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If you want to use direct distance entry the format is the distance followed by the angle and it would look like this:


@10(units of length)


Note the use of the "@" and "


Another option would be to use Polar Tracking. A third option would be to reset your crosshairs using the SNAGANG command.

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thanks for the quick response. :D


but, what if the angles that i need to input are the interior angles of the lines? how can i draw using the relative angle?

thank you so much.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to do it on-the-fly without doing the math, but some of the alternatives are adjusting the UCS to match the existing line, using Copying and using Dynamic Input/Angle Change, or (IMO the easiest) ROTATE with the Copy option. see below.



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Do the math? AutoCAD's default is zero degrees at the 3 o'clock position and all angles measured counter-clockwise.


The OP did not specify, and I'm not assuming the first line is horizontal, so yes, to do it on-the-fly (ie not pausing to change UCS, SNAPANG etc), there would be math involved using the xxx

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