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Mask Portion of a Profile in Civil 3D?


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Ok, I know that I found instructions to do this once through a google search, but have since been unable to find it again.


I have two streets which intersect and I need to leave the profiles blank from curb return to curb return at the intersections. I know that I could make two separate profiles for each street, but I've already set it up with just one profile each and I'm lazy and don't want to do it again. :P


I know that there is a way (maybe through the profile properties?) where you can "mask" or "hide" one profile through a certain station range. We have all of our profiles stored in a base file, and then data shortcut them into our cut sheets. I know that I need to apply this "mask" in the base file, and then turn it on in the cut sheet because that is what I did last time.


Any help would be very appreciated

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Just found this undocumented command. Make a closed polyline around what you want to mask, run the command and follow the prompts.


Here is a link that has more detailed instructions. Its for alignments, but it works for any AEC Object.



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