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Layer list with the description column

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I have this routine (unknown to the author), which lets you export to a text file the list of existing layers in a drawing. It works fine, but I wanted a version that could include one column for the description of each layer.

Thank you in advance for your possible help.


(defun c:LL2T ( / oecho clrlst dwgnm fn fh lyr lyrlst)
(defun chkbit (bit_val num)
(not (zerop (logand bit_val num)))
oecho (getvar "cmdecho")
clrlst (list
(cons 1 "RED")
(cons 2 "YELLOW")
(cons 3 "GREEN")
(cons 4 "CYAN")
(cons 5 "BLUE")
(cons 6 "MAGENTA")
(cons 7 "WHITE")
dwgnm (getvar "dwgname")
(setvar "cmdecho" 0)
(setq fn (getfiled " File name: " (strcat dwgnm ".LS") "LS" (+ 1 2))
(while (setq lyr (tblnext "layer" (not lyr)))
(setq lyrlst (cons (cdr (assoc 2 lyr)) lyrlst))
(setq lyrlst (acad_strlsort lyrlst))
(princ "\nWriting layer data to file...")
(setq fh (open fn "w"))
(princ (strcat dwgnm ".DWG\n") fh)
(foreach x lyrlst
lyr (tblsearch "layer" x)
lyrname (cdr (assoc 2 lyr))
lyrclr (cdr (assoc 62 lyr))
lyrlt (cdr (assoc 6 lyr))
frzn? (chkbit 1 (cdr (assoc 70 lyr)))
lokd? (chkbit 4 (cdr (assoc 70 lyr)))
(if (minusp lyrclr)
on? "OFF"
lyrclr (abs lyrclr)
(setq on? "ON")
(if (assoc lyrclr clrlst)
(setq lyrclr (cdr (assoc lyrclr clrlst)))
(if frzn?
(setq frzn? "FROZEN")
(setq frzn? "THAWED")
(if lokd?
(setq lokd? "LOCKED")
(setq lokd? "UNLOCKED")
(princ lyrname fh)
;;(princ "," fh)
;;(princ lyrclr fh)
;;(princ "," fh)
;;(princ lyrlt fh)
;;(princ "," fh)
;;(princ on? fh)
;;(princ "," fh)
;;(princ frzn? fh)
;;(princ "," fh)
;;(princ lokd? fh)
(princ "\n" fh)
(princ "done.")
(close fh)
(setvar "cmdecho" oecho)

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