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I need help Subtracting


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Are you selecting the objects in the right order?



Select object to subtract from

Select object to subtract




Alternately, on this object you could simply PRESSPULL the surface 6 units to get the same result.



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Fortunately there is nothing to prevent one from using the SUBTRACTION command on the geometry that was created. Some users will encounter problems because they 1) do not pay close attention to what AutoCAD is asking in the command line prompts and 2) are working in something other than a 2Dwireframe visual style which can, on occasion, make selecting objects problematic.


Let's investigate both. The following image demonstrates the "before" and "after" of the subtraction process as done in a 2Dwireframe visual style.




For the purposes of this demonstration the block to be subtracted has had its color changed to yellow. Execution of the SUBTRACT command is as follows:


Command: _subtract Select solids, surfaces, and regions to subtract from ..


Select objects: 1 found


Select objects:

Select solids, surfaces, and regions to subtract ..

Select objects: 1 found


Note that AutoCAD asks us to first indicate the object we are subtracting from. In our case it is the red colored object. Then it prompts us for the object to subtract. In our case it is the yellow colored object. The process is completed and the results are as shown in the above image.

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I believe that you are not quite following what you are being prompted to do on the command line when you use the SUBTRACT command. This appears to be the same problem you were having in another thread you posted.


Always select the object you are subtracting from first followed by the object you want to subtract. In this case the first object would be the guide block while the second object would be the extruded rectangle at its base. Give it a try.

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