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conduit connectors shown as 'not connected'

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When join two sections of conduit (same size, same connection type, same plane/elevation) I am still getting the yellow triangles with the exclamation point inside, telling me that the 'conduit connector is not connected to another object'.



This is happening whether the two sections are at different angles to each (but same plane) or they are just a distance away from each other requiring an offset (two elbows)



The method that I am using is to select one section of conduit pick the plus sign at the end of the segment and move the mouse over the other section at the end I want to connect to. Once the 'connector' symbol appears I click on it.



This has worked fine for years but occasionally gives me this result.

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hertz hound

There was a fix to the drawing file for that quirk, but I can't find it. It was not the OP so it is harder for me to find.

When that happens to me I use the node osnap and that takes care of it. If it gets so bad I copy everything to a new drawing file. Only had to do that once.

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