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Invisible boxes on blocks


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I have master drawings for a client's building. Ever since I've started with this company these particular drawings have been very quirky and annoying. At least 1/3 of the furniture blocks have this invisible box associated with it. The box is typically as large as the building. The annoying part comes in when I try to select one item but end up selecting this invisible box for another item. I've check all my layers and dug around in the blocks to find the source of the block to no avail. The only resolution I've found is to replace each block with a new one. If the drawing was smaller and/or not a master I might do it. Unfortunately who has time to remaster an entire building. (There is another designer in my firm that has this problem too with her drawing but with a totally different client.)


Has this happened to anyone? Any suggestions?


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Can you copy and paste one of these mysterious blocks into a new drawing, save it under a different name and attach the drawing to your next post? Someone here can take a look at it possibly tell you what the problem may be.

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Welcome to CADTutor. :)

ReMark is right, we can figure it out, just give us a chance.


Make a copy as a backup to be safe.

You might be able to use the NC (nested copy) command.


Do you have selection cycling turned on, it might help when you are selecting, CONTROL + W to

toggle it on or off, or use the icon on the status bar at the bottom of your screen, just left of center.

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Open one of these blocks in the block editor, then use Ctrl+A to select everything, open the properties toolpallete and click on the drop down arrow next to the box that tells you how many items are selected, this will give you a basic list of how many items of a particular type there are, look and see if anything strange is in the list

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Could it be a GROUP instead of a box or block?


You can see if it's a Group you have selected in Properties. Then use UNGROUP to un-group the objects.

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