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please kindly suggest me graphics card . my currently pc status is

4 gb ram

core i 5

now i am increasing ram to 12 gb and graphics card also .please suggest me aout graphics card i.e. one gb or 2 gb and also suggest company . i think geforce is better . but professional views are welcome :). :)


i wil be using vray max 2014 and cad 2013

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anybody please help me need some help in graphics card selection for vray work.

i have posted into 3d max general forum but no reply .. please help me i need a graphics card for vray my pc specs are 12 gb ram with core i5.

which company card is good for vray work

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I have merged your two threads together. Please don't post the same question multiple times. If someone has an answer for you, they will post it, regardless of which area of the forum you post your question.


Are you planning on using the GPU for rendering? If not, then it shouldn't really matter what video card you choose. Any mid to high end video card should work fine. I won't tell you which card to choose, but I will tell you that I have always used Geforce cards and never had any problems.


You said you are increasing your RAM from 4GB to 12GB? I assume you're running a 64 bit operating system?

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I use a GTX580 at home which is good. I use a GTX 570 at work which is also good and that's working on some huge scenes. The 580 is better though.

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GTX-770 with 4GB RAM:



Stout card for less than $400. Will do anything and everything you'll need.



This I agree with, I just picked up 2 for my build at home. Other manufacturers make slightly overclocked versions with some after mark cooling on them (EVGA and Zotac for exqample) that may give a fairly good performance boost for the xtra money you may pay.

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Gaming Cards or GeForce cards when compared to workstation cards or Quadro will not perform as well.

When rendering or working in 3d model with realistic view or creation of walk around or fly by views in 3d model with rendering of the image plates will be fast with the work station cards because they are designed for that.



Quadro fx cards are designed for video editing and rendering at a greater detail and speed than a gaming card which is looking for performance over substance.



FPS vs Detail in the frame.

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To be honest from experience, even a $35 video card is usable depending on what you want from it. The Quadro cards are designed for the CAD industry but any card can be used.

If you are planning on using Vray-RT, then the video card will be important as Vray-RT uses the graphics card. When doing final renders with Vray in 3D studio max though, the graphics card does not render it is the CPU that does all the work so a secondary computer is better in this regard to use as Distributed Rendering in Vray. This is what is called a render farm when multiple computers are used to render one image using the power of all computers at the same time via Distributed Rendering.

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