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The British Association of Professional Draughtsmen


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The BAPD is a newly established body whose aim is to promote standards and training throughout the Computer Aided Design industry sector. Set up by draughtsmen for draughtsmen, we endeavor, by the means of CV verification and skills testing to establish some much needed standards of competency among our members. We feel that the vast majority of people within our industry are professionals who would have no reservations with having there employment background checked and skill level tested. The overall benefits to establishing the BAPD are incredible, not only for the draughtsmen but also for all industries utilising CAD. In these early stages we need support, if nothing else subscribe to the discussion forum. The more people involved with the association the more organised the sector will become. This is a NONE profit organisation, please show your support!


Administrator BAPD


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hmm, most professionals can spell 'their' and 'non' :wink:


Anybody tempted to upload CVs or send them to unidentifiable bodies should remove sensitive details such as home address - or not bother at all :thumbsup:

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Grain, if you re-read the op's thread, what he's saying is that they

take a copy of your CV and do background checks on you then from

those checks decide where in the list to put you.


When i read it i thought no way are they gettin their hands on my

personal info for 2 reasons.


1) it's a "newly formed body" so no reputation to speak of good or



2) the ad actively encourages you to post your CV which lists

your adress/contact number any way you list your contact details.


Through this information it is one simple step for I.D. Theft to happen.

(believe me i know someone it's happened to - it's not nice)


I'm with strix on this on.

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After several attempts to locate this exclusive society I failed. Tried searching on just the letters BAPD and on the full name. The poster did duplicate his message in one other forum but I found no further info there either. I think the idea died on the vine. I also think maybe what happened was most professional draughtsmen (and women) felt it was just another layer of officaldom they could do without (thank you very much).


I would recommend looking for and possibly joining reputable and well-established professional societies within your own field be it mechanical, architectural or other.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. I did find another CAD Technologist membership contact a couple of weeks back. I thought it was with RIBA but cant find it at the moment. I post details when I do.

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