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how to increase/decrease attribute value in several blocks at once


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Hello there,



I have a multitude (over 400) of blocks with attributes in my drawing. The format is 02W-01 / 02W-02 / 02W-03 and so on to 02W-407. I used INCREMENT.lsp to create the numbering. When I have to insert a label in between two existing ones, then all the subsequent labels have to increase their number by 1.

Is there a way to increase the attribute value automatically in several blocks? Doing it by clicking every each of them with INCREMENT.lsp is a very tedious work.



Thank you,


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thanks for the fast reply. I do know that there is no inbuilt tool for that. I was looking for a LISP routine or something similar.

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Quite doable have you searched for any lisp that retrieves a blocks attribute value and changes it ? If not do so there are heaps of examples here !


Ok once you get it create a selection set and get it to stop when the attribute value is equal to "02W-123" wow your nearly there. You need a second defun that pulls apart the attribvalue "02W" + "123" then just check 2nd part is greater than 123 add 1 use strcat to create "02W-124" then replace attribute value. Repeat for all blocks. Now let me see for that code oh yeah you didn't provide block name or attribute tag name, please post a dwg would be better.


A couple of extra questions are the values always 01W or upto 99W not 1W and is -999 the max or will you go to 1000+ makes a big diffrence in a real simple answer.

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