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Specifying Insertion Point of object based on X and Y Coordinates

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As the title says, I am trying to paste an object (circle) via x and y coordinates. Let's say they are:


Center X: 1578516'-11 3/8"

Center Y: 572762'-9 1/2"


Everything works fine until I get to the space...that is, 1578516'-11[space]3/8" because if I hit the space bar it will submit my command and I will not be able to input the rest of the coordinate (3/8").


Is there a specific way to type these coordinates without using a space from the spacebar? I have tried a hyphen in place of the space bar and it doesn't work. Any ideas?

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I dont work in feet but 1578516.947916 = 1578516'11-3/8" some lunatic invented metric so we get two cups of coffee a day because we have time.

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When you are entering the figures, put the dash between the inches and the fraction. The units must be set to engineering or architectural (default units are set to decimal)


So enter the figures as follows (there is no need to put the inches sign)


Center X: 1578516'11-3/8

Center Y: 572762'9-1/2

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