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DWGs in folder & sub-folders


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(vl-directory-files "C:\\Users\\wpe\\Documents" "*.dwg")	


Returns a list of DWGs in a folder, but is there to have it return a list of DWGs in the folder and sub-folders?

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For one level of sub-folders:

(foreach subFolder (vl-remove "." (vl-remove ".." (vl-directory-files "C:\\Users\\wpe\\Documents" nil -1)))
(print (vl-directory-files (strcat "C:\\Users\\wpe\\Documents\\" subFolder) "*.DWG" 1))

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Try this recursive code :)


(defun PullDwgs (dir / l lst f dwgs)
 ;;    Tharwat 11. Mar. 2014    ;;
 (if (setq l (vl-directory-files dir nil 0))
     (setq lst (vl-directory-files dir nil -1)
           l   (vl-remove-if '(lambda (u) (or (eq u ".") (eq u ".."))) l)
           f    (vl-remove-if-not '(lambda (u) (wcmatch u "*.dwg")) l)
           dwgs (cons f dwgs)
     (if lst
       (foreach x (vl-remove-if
                    '(lambda (u) (or (eq u ".") (eq u "..")))
          (setq dwgs (cons (PullDwgs (setq dir (strcat dir "\\" x))) dwgs))
 (vl-remove nil dwgs)

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I sometimes get this error using your code:

error: file pattern specification is too long


Thank you MSasu.


Thank you Tharwat.

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This one gets the error:

(pulldwgs  "O:\\Project 482 - Sterling Centennial Gas Plant")


This code works

(pulldwgs  "O:\\Project 482 - Sterling Centennial Gas Plant\\Design - Project 482 Sterling Centennial Gas Plant\\Piping Mechanical")


I was trying to use this to allow me to batch update a whole project folder. You routine allows me to do a department at a time, but now the root folder.

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I can't be sure if the path of the first folder is correct since it worked on the second one , check the path once again .


I have nothing to add since that it is a matter of correct path .

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Ok, thank you!


I just tried the code in the office and it works as expected .

Please try again and if you can post an image of your folder and the way you tried the code , it would be great .


Good luck .

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