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Drafting in Revit


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In my opinion drafting is the act of providing a craftsman with a drawing of an object that contains enough information for said craftsman to build the object. I don't care if it is laboriously drawn out by hand using a quill pen on a sheep skin, or generated entirely by computer code simply by pressing the "Thingy" button.


A good half of drafting involves the skill to plan and organize the entire set of construction drawings as a package of hard copy documents. It ain't just makin' rudimentary lines.


drafts·man ˈdraftsmən

noun: draughtsman; plural noun: draughtsmen; noun: draughtswoman; plural noun: draughtswomen; noun: draftsman; plural noun: draftsmen


1. a person, esp. a man, who makes detailed technical plans or drawings.


Now of course the definition of "Draftswoman" would contain the phrase "esp. a woman," :lol:

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That is a good question.


I work in a place where there are 50 people learning Revit. I've had a chance to observe a variety of reactions to this change. People being people, some like it, some hate it, others resist. What is common though is that all of these people are experiencing a major shift in the way they do their job. What if they really don't like it? What if they fail? What is interesting though is that people that are good with AutoCAD have an easier time than the ones that aren't so good and that skill level carries forward. I feel bad for the people that just got by on AutoCAD, I'm afraid they won't make the cut when it comes to Revit. The people that are good tend to be passionate about what they do. Put that uncertainty of what is happening with their job with that passion and blow-ups happen. I wasn't around back then but from what I hear, what is happening to the industry now is not that different from when AutoCAD was taking over and people had similar reactions.

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