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Moving Snaped polylines vertices together

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I have a drawing with a few layers, and in two of them i would like to know if it is possible to move one vertice of a polyline (in layer AR_COLECTOR_GR_200), and automatically move vertices of the polylines (in layer AR_RAMAL_LIGACAO_PVC_125) snaped to the other polyline in layer AR_COLECTOR_GR_200.


The same happens when i have to move objects in layer AR_CAMARA_VISITA_NORMAL and then, i have to manually move objects connected to them in layer AR_COLECTOR_GR_200.



This happens because i have gps points and i have to move objects in layer AR_CAMARA_VISITA_NORMAL to those points, and then update the position of AR_COLECTOR_GR_200 and AR_RAMAL_LIGACAO_PVC_125.



Check the attached file to better understand my problem. The doubt is to know if there is any method available to go from step 1 to step 4 without having to make those updates manually


Thanks for any help


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That looks like something that can be done. I'm surprised no one has responded with at least a question or two.


It looks like you don't care where the lines from the cameras touch the center line just that they automatically extend or trim to it when it is adjusted.

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