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Vray Sun Best Setting :)


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hi, i'm new in 3D max n i'm now trying to understand a bit about lighting. currently, i'm practicing doing an interior lighting using vray sun.

I'd like to know:


1. The best place to put the vray sun.

2. The best setting for vray sun (the multiplier options etc.)

3. Is there a difference between setting the vray for outdoor n indoor?

4. if i projected the vray sun towards the window, do i have to make the window glass? because i found that the light is TOO bright when there's no window glass..


here's the pict..(disaster......)

hope u can help....


B 00.jpg


B 00-vray.jpg



the main issue is the shadow of the vray light is way too bright..uhukkk..i feel like crying now..


pls, help :cry:


thank u :ouch:

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Are you using vray exposure control?


Multiplier typically can be set to 1 on the sun and you adjust your exposure like you would in the real world using a camera.

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ohh..ok..i don't know why, but i need to decrease the multiplier to 0.002 or something like that..perhaps, because i'm not using vraycam.. :oops:

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If using standard cameras, enable vray exposure control (hit 8).


Or do exactly the same thing within the vray physical camera (enable the exposure checkbox). The vray can will override any settings in the environment dialogue.


Exposure for daylight could be:


Aperture f8

Shutter 1/300th second

ISO 100


Adjust shutter speed (a lot) for interiors until you can see your scene correctly.

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yeay! much better now i think.. :)



B 001 - Copy.jpgB 001 - Copy.jpg


i've change to vraycam, n set the control like u've said..it works! hee.. need to practice more on lighting.. ;)

(just do a quick render to save time..hee)

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