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Opposite rotation of two objects - Pivots problem

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Hey guys

So I've just recently started with 3DS...and I'm studying hierarchy now.

I've made this simple model of a robot and I'm trying to make its handles move against each other.

On the tutorial I studied, they said just opposite the pivot points and so I did. Yet each time I rotate them they rotate to the same side and not against each other

Any help on why?

here are some pictures to help understand my point better





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I'm not great at rigging but one possible solution would be to use the Wire Parameters'



so you want to wire the rotation of Z axis to the rotation of the other Z axis. Only difference is for the second one you want to add a '-' sign.



-right click object one

-Wire parameters > Transform > Rotation> Z axis

-then click object two, > Transform > Rotation> Z axis

-When the wire ialogue box opens, add a minus in front of one of the 'Z_Rotation' expressions.






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Thank you so much! it finally worked!

I had to reset one of the objects seems like I messed too much with it

but it did work in the end

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