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Hello, well i need your help for a college project.. i have a map from an abandoned camp in the suburbs of the city and i have to make a 'digitization' (maybe through Raster Image??!!) into AutoCAD (im working on Autocad 08) ... Can someone help me and write some kind "directions" on how to do this?!

Thanks in advance!

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To digitize (i.e. - electronically trace) a drawing or a map in this case would require a digitizing tablet and puck. I think you may have used the wrong terminology. I think what you really want to do is take a raster image and convert it to a vector format that can then be edited using AutoCAD.

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I think that you may have a paper map. If so, then you need to convert it into a CAD drawing.


There are several ways of doing this, but you have to remember that the paper may have shrunk or expanded during time, and not necessarily evenly in the x and y directions.


To get an accurate drawing you need to know reference dimensions. Is there a grid marked on the drawing? or any dimensions? If the outlines of this camp still exist, can you measure between any features?


What size is the map? Do you have a digitizer that you could use?


Can you get the map scanned? if so a Tiff file output is very useful to insert into AutoCAD, but then you would have to trace over the image.

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Well, i actually made it!!!! :D I put the map (jpeg) in Autocad and then i made different layers and draw lines above the buildings, the enclosure and the appartment blocks... and thats all :) Thank u all for your useful comments. Im sorry for my "bad" english...

Greetings from Greece.


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