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  1. Hello, i try to insert block view in dcl format. I want when i chose block name to have block view to. Something like this.
  2. In continuation of this thread I would like to continue this interesting story about UCSs and transformed entities. So far I have understood ( I am thankful to the community here) that An OCS is an coordinate system that most of the Autocad entities use instead of any other CS An OCS share the same origin with the WCS, however its x,y,z may be other than the one of the WCS However, it seems that something still eludes me and I cannot fully grasp it. I made a very simple model with a line drawn in WCS from 0,0,0 to 1,2,3. I would like to insert the same
  3. I know there's a bunch of posts on this but I could never find a lisp that could incorporate all, or multiple. lisps that can..auto run w/ ea. .dwg opened, redefine & replace multiple referenced blocks (about 10) keeping original location, & retaining attributes..w/o any prompts..I could be asking too much but any insight is greatly appreciated..I'm on hr 7 on this one..if it's easier..only one block has attributes and can make a separate lisp for that..or again if easier make a separate lisp for ea block..anything put together really that auto runs w/o prompts.. If u think I missed a
  4. Hi there, I'm looking for a Lisp routine that can count the number of one specific nested block (it will always have the same name) within a single layout, and then automatically insert the same block (which doesn't need to be nested) to differing coordinates depending on how many of that block there already is. I am having doubts to whether this would even be possible but I thought I would ask. Seeing as nested blocks can be counted through Lisp, I figured it might be possible. I've began to explore the world of Lisp and am using a few different routines currently. They work gre
  5. I inserted a pdf file (table) and printed it out. Now that I want to open the file again, the table is gone and its address is shown instead. What is wrong and how can I keep the table as the first time?
  6. i remember in my old company, i used to insert dynamic block from tool palette. I use to select two points on model space to select the length of beam i needed. how to do that ? I made blocks, but when i insert, a window opens up and asks for length. I want to select two points on model space to specify the length of beam, instead of entering the length in numbers.
  7. Hi, I search for Lisp for insert block faster. Ex.: if a write "1" on keyboard, i can insert "block 1" in my drawing. I can insert "block 1" until a stop the LISP if a write "2" on keyboard, i can insert "block 2" in my drawing. I can insert "block 2" until a stop the LISP All my block are in the same drawing. Thanks a lot
  8. Is there a command in place already or a lisp that can give you time and date of when any selected object was inserted in a dwg? Thanks, -Nobull
  9. How to insert the Excel File in CAD file. I am using AutoCAD 2012. I used io command and try to attach file by browse tab, but facing two problems. 1.) The attached file result display not full sheet i.e not all rows and columns that I want to display in CAD file. 2.) It only attaches the first sheet from the file. i.e If I want to attached other sheet from the same file what to do. Thanks.
  10. Good Morning, I am brand new to AutoLISP and am not picking it up quite as well. I'm trying to make a LISP that will insert around 1500 blocks at designated coordinates off a list I will make in Excel (or can transfer to a txt). The excel list will have X,Y coordinates, an angle of rotation, and 2 or 3 attributes. This LISP will not be for a long time use, it's mainly to get a large insertion completed for editing as construction comes along, so I only need to make it for functional purpose. If someone can guide me better in how to extract the information from the list into the LISP, th
  11. Hi everyone, I guess I messed up some strange option in AutoCAD here. For my job, I often need to add a number of vertices to a 2D Polyline / edit polylines. Until a couple of days ago, when inserting a new vertex to a polyline, it automatically jumped to the new vertex, so I would add a number of vertices by only using the (insert) command. But now, when inserting a new vertex in a polyline, the X stays on the original vertex, the vertex selected before inserting the new one. So when inserting a number of vertices, I have to press , then (next) for every vertex inserted. The way
  12. salaxi

    Digitization! :(

    Hello, well i need your help for a college project.. i have a map from an abandoned camp in the suburbs of the city and i have to make a 'digitization' (maybe through Raster Image??!!) into AutoCAD (im working on Autocad 08) ... Can someone help me and write some kind "directions" on how to do this?! Thanks in advance!
  13. I inserted our company logo and placed It properly in our title block. But when I zoom in with the mouse wheel the logo gets smaller in the border. When I zoom out it increases bigger than the border. Any help would be greatly appreciated.... I hope I am just missing a small option..
  14. I have generated the following Macro in a drop down menu for quick insertion of some of my company's standard blocks. I want to know how to add the function explode to the command so as soon as I have placed the block using the macro it exploded on placement or selection of the macro. ^C^C-insert;F:/Blocks/CAN.dwg
  15. we switched from civil 3d 2012 to 2014 and since we switched my copyclip (ctrlv or right click ) will work for the first few times then after that it will say "duplicate definition of block XX ignored Substituting [simplex.shx] for [TB.shx]. Substituting [simplex.shx] for [GB-LD.SHX]. Substituting [simplex.shx] for [TC-ROMND.SHX]. this happens when pasting the same item in that ive already pasted in 2-3 layouts and once this starts happening i cant copy paste at all untill i shutdown autocad and reset my computer (which only works like 30% of the time) also this would happen regardle
  16. Hi All, I'm having trouble getting my attribute definitions to work with my blocks. I'm trying to create a tag that can flip around (dynamic) and have a tag number easily entered (attribute). I notice that I could only get the attribute definition to work during a drawing insertion is when I wblocked out my block and inserted that drawing file. I was not able to insert the drawing file that had the block in it. I can't seem to make a dynamic block drawing file, and then insert that dynamic block drawing file if I want the attribute to work.. Do you understand?? EDIT: I
  17. What an extended absence . But of course there is more to this post. A while back I made an icon so that the drafters in my company could put the right border in the right spot with a click of the mouse. here was my macro: (command ".insert" "I:/borders/11x17" "0,0" "1" "1" "0") This inserts the border on the drawing at coordinates 0,0 at a scale of 1 and a rotation of 0 degrees. But if i wanted to make this where you had to choose an insertion point, how would i go about doing that? my first thought is: (command ".insert" "I:/borders/11x17" "0" "1" "0") is this close?
  18. Hello - I am trying to attach the client details as an xref to my title block. This is how it was done at my previous company, but I did not set that up, so I don't know how it was done. The problem is this - when I attach the xref, I cannot see it on my page in paper space. If I zoom out as far as possible, the paper layout becomes a tiny dot on the screen. When I then draw a rectangle far to the right of the paper, I see a blue glyph on my paper, so I know that the drawing is there, but I cannot see it (the drawing is inserting very far to the right). I would like to figure out ho
  19. Hi everyone, So I just upgraded to MEP 2013 last week and am in a bad situation where when I keep making my data link tables to a range on an excel table the file name's full address is not staying when I go to insert the table. (ex. D:/Documents/JB Plans/NK.xlsm is just NK.xlsm when I try to insert the table) Does anybody know of some defaulting or setting that I haven't found involving this issue? Thanks
  20. Does everyone know how to insert xrefs with other ucs than world. The host drawing ucs must be in world. The different x-refs are made with different ucs according to local coordinates. In the host drawing, the xrefs must be placed correctly according to global coordinate (world). (The xrefs are all surveys of different spaces all with marked fixpoints according to the physical global coordinates.) please help...
  21. I'm trying to insert a raster image by just, insert raster image. the image is a jpg. file and is in greyscale. it is a logo. the logo is in black and the background is white. when i insert and print it shows up alright but the parts that are supposed to be white print out as a light grey. Can anyone help with this?
  22. I am attempting to update a numerous amount of blocks in an older drawing. Doing this one at a time is time consuming. I have done some research and found a few LSP that do insert multiple blocks, BUT they seem to not redefine the block definition. Here is the code that I have that I think works well except for the redefining: (defun c:BlkImport (/ path LastDist gap space err newblk bname obj ll lr ur InsPt dist GetFolder) (vl-load-com) (defun GetFolder ( / DirPat msg) (setq msg "Open a folder and click on SAVE") (and (setq DirPat (getfiled "Browse for folder" ms
  23. I want to make the insert option happen by just pressing enter in the following code: (defun c:mak521 () (if (/= (tblsearch "block" "521") nil) (progn (beep) (initget 1 "Yes No INsert") (prompt "\n521 has already been created.") (setq x (getkword "\nInsert 521 at 0,0 or redefine it? [Yes/No] <INsert>: ")) (cond ((= x "Yes") (mak521)) ((= x "No") (exit)) ((= x "INsert") (ins521)) How can I do this?
  24. I use autocad 2000 at my job to create drawings for CAM. The machining paths are numbered between 521-850 (this is the block name) each time with numbers being used throughout this range, not nessecarily in order. What I want to do is get only these numbered blocks to insert all at once with one command at 0,0. Question one: Can I get a list of just the block names with autolisp? Question 2: Can I filter the block names with some sort of cond? or will I have to go about that another way?
  25. Hello All, I tried to solve a problem lisp and DCL but it is clear that I have a lot to learn. With lisp's trying to insert text in Autocad list opens (see DCL). Any help is welcome. Dialog Text.zip
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