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Extents or Printable Area Screwed Up??


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I don't know if this requires a lisp or a script solution..


I regularly work on multi-tabbed drawings.

I often encounter situations where on a tab, the extents

are much smaller than the title block.

The title block extends off/beyond the existing extents

(defined by the hidden/dashed line.)

Is that the printable area or the extents?


What I typically do is:

zoom extents,

Go to plot, change something such as:

unpick the fit to paper check box, pick it again (so that something changes)

Pick Apply to layout button

then hit Cancel.

The extents of the drawing then automatically change (or are updated)

to the correct extents of the title block.

(My dashed line now surrounds my entire title block.)

Regen or Regenall doesn't do it.

Zooming extents alone doesn't fix it either.


Having to do those steps on all 30 tabs of a drawing is a PITA. :cry:


Any suggestions or solutions that any of you are aware of?

Is there another way of accomplishing this?


I would SO APPRECIATE a workable solution...

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Anything within the dashed line (i.e. - "printable" area) will be printed. Anything outside or even on the line will not be printed.


Can you attach a representative drawing?


What size paper are you printing to?

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This just "happens" sometimes to drawings that were fine a day or so before.

I have one printing script that when it is done changes all the layouts

to this "screwed up" condition.


I encounter this enough to want to come up with some "automated" solution.

Whether that is lisp or a script I don't care.

It is just time consuming to fix.

One layout at a time..... sigh..


The title block I actually use was exported from Solidworks.


It doesn't happen with every drawing.

Hard to diagnose where the problem comes from

(outside of the one script that I don't use often)

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You could copy the layout, delete the old one and rename the copy but doing that thirty times would be a bit of a pain.


Why don't you create a new titleblock/border in AutoCAD that will fit instead of using the one from Solidworks?


An option: Copy to Layout lisp routine by Lee Mac. http://lee-mac.com/copytolayouts.html All the layouts though would have to use the same size paper though.

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A named pagesetup will allow you to make all the settings for plotting one time. This named pagesetup can then be used over and over.


So for example right click over the current layout tab, pick page setup manager. Pick New, give it a name and pick Layout6 in the "start with:" lower section. Make sure everything is the way you want it and hit ok, close. Now you can pick that pagesetup name for the other layouts.


Do this instead in the template you normally use and then it will always be there in new drawings. For existing drawings you can start the plot command and use the import function to point to the drawing and pagesetup name in that drawing.

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This isn't when I start a new drawing. It just happens to existing drawings on occasion.

Actually the new drawings are perfect. It's when the plot area changes for some unknown reason.

Something can change it so I would "assume" something can make it right.


I have a "procedure" down to a 7 step fix.


7 x 35 = SUCKAGE!


Someone showed me how to turn off all the display settings for

Display Printable Area and Display Paper background that also "work."

Not what I was looking for either but maybe this isn't fixable

beyond what I have been doing anyway..


Thanks for the assistance...

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