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iLogic rule to insert part parameters into dimension text in assembly drawing


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I am trying to speed-up dimensioning of an assembly drawing (DWG) in Inventor using iLogic. The assembly contains parts which have parameters which I would like inserted into dimension text. I can achieve this manually using the Edit Dimension / Format Text dialogue boxes to select the part parameters and insert them into the assembly dimension text.


My iLogic rule can currently identify the part containing the parameters but when I attempt to write these to the dimension text, I receive an error message.

The part parameters are called “No_Risers” and “riser”. “partFileName” is the FullFileName of the Part Document containing these parameters.


The line which gives me the error message is the oDimensionText line :

[color=red][color=red][font=Verdana]If [/font][/color][color=maroon][font=Verdana]oPart[/font][/color][color=black][font=Verdana].[/font][/color][color=maroon][font=Verdana]ComponentDefinition[/font][/color][color=black][font=Verdana].[/font][/color][color=purple][font=Verdana]Material[/font][/color][color=black][font=Verdana].[/font][/color][color=purple][font=Verdana]Name[/font][/color][color=black][font=Verdana] = [/font][/color][color=teal][font=Verdana]"Concrete" [/font][/color][color=red][font=Verdana]Then[/font][/color][/color]
[color=red][color=maroon][font=Verdana]partFileName[/font][/color][color=black][font=Verdana] = [/font][/color][color=maroon][font=Verdana]oPart[/font][/color][color=black][font=Verdana].[/font][/color][color=maroon][font=Verdana]FullFileName[/font][/color][/color]

[color=red][color=red][font=Verdana]End [/font][/color][color=red][font=Verdana]If[/font][/color][/color]

oDimensionText.FormattedText = "<Parameter Resolved = 'True'
ComponentIdentifier='" & partFileName & "' Name = 'No_Risers'
Precision = '0'></Parameter>" & " No. RISERS @ " & "<Parameter Name
= 'riser' Precision = '2'></Parameter>" & " = " &


(I have split the long line of code so it reads better on the forum. It is one line in the iLogic rule)


I have tried many variations of the above, but cannot get it to work. I can successfully write the parameter values to the dimension text, but these do not update if the parameters update.


I’m using Inventor 2013 Pro


Any help would be gratefully received.

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