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AutoCAD Electrical 2014 - Multiple Bus Problems


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Hey All.


Strange problem I have started encountering since an upgrade to autoCAD electrical 2014.


When using the multiple bus tool to draw 3ph + N distribution as shown, strange things are happening:








For example if I draw another bus extending from the horizontal bus, wire loops don't appear over the junction points. Settings are correct in both the drawing and project settings.




Another thing if I insert a 3 pole component into a bus, it only inserts the first pole onto the first wire - and doesn't extend the other poles across.



It is driving me barmy and taking up valuable time as I am having to manuallu place wire loops at my junction points. Not only this, but three pole symbols just will not insert at all - so I am having to draw each wire independently using the wire tool and insert the symbol that way, then connect them to the bus. Which is also wasting time.


Any help anyone?


I'm sure i'm just missing a setting somewhere, but am at a loss.


Another thing to note is that the bus has the correct layer (Wires) which is the same layer as the wire tool uses.


EDIT: Note to self, must proof read better.


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