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Failure to display environment dialogue in 3d max

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Sorry, I didn't notice this question until now. :oops:


Were you able to solve the problem yet? It sounds like your Environment dialog is opening off screen.


Try this to fix the problem:

1. Open the Environment dialog as you normally would, from the Rendering menu

2. Hold down the Alt key and hit the Space bar

3. Press the Down arrow key

4. Hit Enter

5. Press the Down arrow again

6. Now move your mouse around, without clicking. The dialog will be attached to your cursor and you should see it come into view from off screen. Just make sure that you don't click the mouse until you have the dialog on screen. If you click while the dialog is still off screen, you will have to start over again. This method of retrieving lost dialogs works in any program.

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Raudel Solis

If you used multiple screens in the past... it may just be out of the display range.


I have used this tool before when I forgot to drag everything back from my 2nd monitor to the main display. By utilizing this script everything returns to the original location,



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