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Set Google Earth object name in C3D, export to kmz


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I'm working in C3D 2012, w/the Publish to Google Earth functionality. I have managed to define object attribute fields and populate them with various C3D map tools.


What I haven't managed to do is name the object. If I associate a number of fields to a polyline, the polyline will be listed in Google Earth as Polyline [75E7]:0, for instance. It appears that this polyline naming is generated w/in C3D, as it appears in the resultant kmz/kml file.


How to I export the polyline from C3D with a name like "myPolyline" so that the name is readable in Google Earth? I'm hoping that I won't have to manually rename the objects after they have been imported into Google Earth . . .


Thanks in advance.

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The number "75E7" seems to be the Ehandle of the polyline, unique ID of every Autocad object.


If you wanna name it in a readable fashion, you should simply add an Object Data to the polyline, then _MAPEXPORT all to shapefile with OD, finally convert the .SHP stuff to .KML format thru one of the many free Gis tools (even online).



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Thanks for the feedback, Emigrato.


I think I had gotten as far as the process you described. The issue was that Google Earth associated the object (ACAD) Ehandle with the (Google Earth) placemark name, so we had this ugly (wrong) placemark with a pretty table of (right) attribute data.


Your tip of utilizing SHP to KML tools got me off to the right start this AM. I used FWTools ogr2ogr -f KML output.kml input.shp. This provided me with a KML without any placemark names. I then recorded a little macro (emacs) to insert a kml placemark name (pulling the name from an object data field), looped that through the kml, and we're exactly where we wanted to be.


Thanks for the push in the right direction.

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