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Electrial Project Settings

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Is it possible when Activating a project in Autocad Electrical to run a customized script or macro? Specifically, it would be nice to set the "DefaultFormatForSave" variable to the proper customer specified value.


Thanks in advance

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It may be easier to look at creating a profile so when you start autocad everything is preset, set everything up ready to go, save a profile. Make a copy of your Desktop autocad icon then edit its properties start with name, look for /p in the startup line and make it your profile /p My20004save


Otherwise just make a simple script and run.

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On toolbar select:




mark: Run command script file >

select your script file >

OK >

Batch Process Drawings > select project or Active drawing >




Script can run a LISP file, load the LISP en run the lisp in the script.



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