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Modular Wiring


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Hope someone might be able to help

A client im working for has said that they wish to go down the modular wiring route for all wiring. So in other words like a mass of extension leads that you just plug into a run.


For example: A hospital has many rooms that are the same and can be prefabed off site (walls, Ceiling void services etc) with this in mind a wall can be made off site and all the wiring, plumbing and all other services can be made into the wall, shipped to site, then plugged in when installed with no fafing around and wasting time.


My question is how would you (if you can) represent modular wiring in revit?

I think i may know the answer but i just wanted to through it out there to see if anyone has done this before and ifso how?




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Sure, you can model it, but it won't be a calculated object at all. All you'd need is a spec sheet of the modular wiring from the manufacturer and use that to build into your Family. It'll probably wind up being a Generic Model that can be dimensioned for fabrication purposes.


So, it's definitely doable but the "time to benefit" factor may be the main issue.

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I've actually worked on what you are talking about in AutoCAD. I think what you might be looking for is something like a junction box with connectors so that it can be connected to the building services. Think of the module as a giant complex piece of equipment with many types of system connectors.

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