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;error: Unknown function definition when it is clearly in my lisp.

Lee Chu Chu

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Help, I keep getting this stupid error no function definition even though I have clearly defun it in my lisp.


(defun ISOCP3TEXT ()
  (command "-style" "isocp3" "isocp.shx" "3" "1" "0" "no" "no")

(defun ISO3 ()
  (setvar "clayer" "0")
  (setq pt1 (getpoint ""))
  (initdia) (command ".mtext" pt1)

(defun c:meh ()


If you are wondering, I am using meh which may seem redundant but in my main source code, I actually need to call up iso3 due to a dialog box settings thing. For some reason, when I try to run meh, I keep getting ; error: no function definition: ISO3 when clearly I do have a defined function ISO3. Help please.

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In the code that I have posted here, yes but not in my lisp. I found out that I made the silly mistake of spelling iso with a zero instead of an "o".

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