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  1. Hello! I often need to count areas with hatches, using the cumulative area property. And many times, we get bad hatches without area, needing to painstakingly go one by one finding the bad hatch to fix it, sometimes repeating for multiple hatches I tried to find a LISP routine for that without sucess, so i made my own and i'd like to share It loops over the selected hatches, accumulating the bad ones on an empty selection set, highlighting it afterwards. The only little thing bothering me is the (sssetfirst nil serr) function, that highlights the s
  2. Hello everyone! So, i am doing a school project in which i want to select all circles of a given radius and then move them all in the arithmetic mean of all centers. The arithmetic mean is no problem, everything works fine, till i add the "more complex" filter. Here is the part of the code: (initget 7) (setq radius (getint "\nEnter radius: ")) (setq ss (ssget "X" '((0 . "CIRCLE") (-4 . "=") (40 . radius)))) The thing is, when i swap (40 . radius) with, lets say, (40 . 10)... it works for all circles with the radius equal to 10. But i wa
  3. Lee Mac

    403 Forbidden

    I'm currently receiving the following message when posting anything which includes code: Is this affecting others or is it just me?
  4. How are you. I'm pretty simple with Lisp programming, but develop a routine for my needs I'm having problems with restoring variables; since if the user presses the esc key the variables are not reset at the end of the routine. Can someone help me with error control? I would be very grateful. I attached the routine. ;guarda y establece variables origen________________________________________________________________ (defun s_var (/ gvtho gvomo gvlco) (setq gvtho (getvar "textsize"));Guarda variable text h (setq gvomo (getvar "orthomode"));Guarda variable orthomode (se
  5. Yesterday by AutoCAD crashed and since then I have been experiencing a number of issues with all of my existing dwg files and any new files I create. The prob is that I am unable to select items (objects/text/lines) before I select the commands. For instance I am unable to select a line and then press delete. I am also unable to select a viewport to lock and unable to select text to edit. I am also unable to copy with basepoint, or copy things in to a new drawing file. However I can delete / move as long as I select the command prior to selecting the item. Has anyone got any solution
  6. This is happening after I post the name of the lisp to the command line. I can't spot the error in it. It has always worked before. The lisp is supposed to search out text and attribute values and replace them. Can anyone spot the error? (defun c:BUBBLER01 () (setq ss_blk (ssget "x" '((0 . "INSERT") (66 . 1)))) (if ss_blk (progn (setq lst_blk (sel2lst ss_blk)) (foreach en_blk lst_blk (setq lst_atts (att2lst en_blk)) (setq str_line "") (foreach en_atts lst_atts (setq str_line (getval 1 en_atts)) (if (not (wcmatch str_line "*/*/*")) (progn (setq str_lin
  7. Hi, All I have a situation where the AutoCAD stopped working. I cannot open DWG format file. I get this error message: Internal Error Can someone please help me. Thanks in Advance, Jared.
  8. Hey everyone (again), Im having another unpleasant experience at the moment when i open DWG files for AutoCAD. I double click on them to open them through AutoCAD 2017 and i get a windows error saying "There was a problem sending the command to the program." But AutoCAD still opens up, it just doesnt open up the DWG, it goes straight to the main menu 'thingy' where i can see my recent documents and etc. i usually have to double click on the DWG somewhere between 3-7 times for it to produce my drawing and stop sending errors. If anyone could also help me with this, that would be awesome
  9. Hello, This is my first forum post and I have been doing a lot of searching before coming here so please be nice! I'm having a problem when trying to open a DXF file in AutoCAD LT 2017, I'm getting an error saying: 'Invalid of incomplete DXF input -- drawing discarded' I have an issue with a drawing where there are lots of blocks and line types that can't be purged out. Normally with our drawings if you DXFOUT and DXFIN it then allows you to purge everything but when I get this error I hit a dead end. Unfortunately I can't upload the drawing itself here due
  10. Guys, I had to re-scale a drawing and convert it to DXF so we can use in our cutting machine. The problem is when I try to open the DXF file on our factory computer there are missing some lines. But when I open the file on my computer, it is perfect. Do you guys now if this is a AutoCAD error when converting the file to DXF or its a problem with our factory's computer ?
  11. Hi, I've just purcharsed a new x64 bit notebook that came with Windows 10 in it, but it won't let me install AutoCAD in any way. Everytime I download Autodesk's student version through the Install Now or Virtual Agent methods, right after the extraction I recieve an unidentified "Error" message containing the adress of various ( C: ) folders and then the application closes. I will attach here a printscreen: http://imgur.com/25WqjSo I've searched all over the internet and tried a number of solutions, none of which worked out. I have tried so far: - Disabling Windows Firewall; -
  12. Hi all, I am having issues with what I believe could be a corrupted page setup file. I have gone to the page setup manager to try and delete and re-create, but ANY interaction with the page setup in question causes CAD to immediately lock up and crash (even a right click, somehow). Does anyone know the folder location of these files so that i can go in and manually get rid of one? Thanks Edit: I am using a windows 7 machine.
  13. Hi... I have a problem with the ObjectARX 2017 project creation on the Visual Studio 2015. I've downloaded the ObjectARX package from the Autodesk page and run it. It was unpacked in that folder: C:\Autodesk\Autodesk_ObjectARX_2017_Win_64_and_32_Bit. But there aren't any executable for the installation there. I've downloaded too a small utility called 'ObjectARXWizards', and run it. This programm ask me where is located the ObjectARX folder and AutoCAD folder, and after this, install the package. In that moment appear in the control panel appear in the VS2015, at the Visual C++ tab
  14. I try to install autocad 2017. can't install it. coming error. see attached screenshots pls help me
  15. I have been having problems loading a lisp that has previously worked, without a problem for years, but now throws a message "Error: bad argument value: string position out of range 17". The lisp is loaded on opening of each drawing in the acaddoc.lsp, which has not changed. It is supposed to open a csv and update blocks. From what I can tell, it seems as though AutoCAD cant find the csv file in the Working Directory. (When opening a drawing with the lisp loaded in acaddoc.lsp specifying the name via findfile "name.csv") When I load the lisp through APPLOAD and manually select the
  16. When trying to use the 'Revit Fabrication Export' Addin i get the following message when trying to save out as a RIF. Steps so far. Select the required system store design line & graphical element Select 'out' Save As 'Rif' ... then i get the error message. My goal is to get the Revit file into Autodesk Fabrication. Any help would be much appreciated
  17. I don't know if anyone else has this issue but since my support and Autodesk couldn't figure it out maybe it can be figured out here. When I am drafting I have multiple drawings open, I tend to copy and paste between drawings. This has caused an issue when I am publishing a finished drawing. When I have multiple drawings open and I try to publish, all of the drawings are listed as unsaved drawing. (unsaved drawing1, unsaved drawing2, etc.) I have to close the dialog box and save the drawing that I want to publish, and if I don't do anything between saving and opening the publish command the
  18. I hope I am posting this on the right forum. I keep getting kicked out of the webpage and I have written this post 3 times so hopefully I don't miss any information writing it again. I have an error in a hatch pattern and I have done everything I can think of to correct it. line 21618: 0, 34.9243125, 45.6868125, 0, 53.8125, 13.99125,-39.82125 line 21619: 90, 30.6193125, 0, 0, 53.8125, 4.843125,-48.969375 line 21620: 90, 30.6193125, 51.0680625, 0, 53.8125, 2.690625,-51.121875 I only know basics on how hatch pattern code works. The first number is angle, the next 2 are x-ori
  19. I hope I am posting this on the correct forum. I am having an issue with a custom hatch pattern. not one that I made. I found it on a website where you can share custom lisp routines and hatch patterns. I do not know how to create a hatch pattern. I am having an error with a certain line in the pattern and I can't figure out what the issue is. I do know some basics about how the code works for hatch patterns but that is it. I know the numbers work something like this, angle, x-origin, y-origin, delta-x, delta-y , and if there are spaces in the line, you can do a positive number is a line, ne
  20. When i run a lisp om my computer it gives me an error. the first problem was a missing font ic-romand (i renamed another font to continue). I included the files as attatchment. The path to files should be:C:\Program Files (x86)\ProgeCAD\progeCAD 2014 Professional ENG\Program. With appload i load the file \misc\DK_Load. When i run dk (found in dk_main.lisp) it trows me an error : argument type: stringp nil. It should open a dialog box to enter data Can anyone please help me i have to get this running before monday. Some help would be really apreciated!!!!! PROBLEM SOLVED
  21. Hi All, I have a solid model (layer "base solid" ), from which i want to subtract (layer "Subtract solid" ) and union (layer "Union solid" ) to the base. I get Boolean subtract and union error "Modeling Operation Error:Wire being deleted crosses face boundary." I have tried many different ways of modelling and i arrive at the same error. Here is my file: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=E78CC5E0964AAF6B!147&authkey=!AIrqRWOhdHnKp20&ithint=file%2cdwg
  22. Has anyone had the issue of your command line not working if you have a p-line/object selected and your cursor is over the same object? sometimes this will cause the object to adjust after you try to start a command, but the command won't start. I just get a beep signaling an error, but no message. Does anyone know of a setting to fix this annoying issue?
  23. hi, i've written some input validation code, and i wonder what is really required to code and what can be handled by the autolisp *error* function. secondly, for readability sake, since the validation code is long i were thinking to link it from a different sub-function . is this a good idea? (this function is not going to interact with the user so i didnt use the getinit codes) Thanks Shay ;;;--------------------------------------------------------------------; ;;; Function: setEntSeg(ent typ max min) ; ;;; Vesion:
  24. I have a layer that seems to displaying incorrectly. I am trying to freeze "NoPlot" through a viewport. It is also freezing out on paperspace. Am I wrong in thinking it should only freeze "inside" the viewport? Test.dwg
  25. We are currently using Autocad 2014 and a couple stations using Autocad 2015. For some odd reason lately our drawings are being corrupted somehow. It is quite confusing. Say we create a drawing at 8AM and save and print it. Later that day we want to open it to make a revision and when we double click to open the drawing, it doesnt want to open. Almost like the file doesnt exist. I run recovery and it says no errors detected but still doesnt open it. Tried using insert(says invalid), xref(says invalid), etc.. nothing. THE ONLY THING THAT WORKS, is I have to logon to our Conference room
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