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I have basic questions about autocad electrical??


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My job about electrical design for constructions and buildings ,and now i use autocad , i wanna to know ,autocad electrical help me more at this task and how?? :unsure: o:)

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To elaborate on what ReMark is trying to say: AutoCAD Electrical is excellent when creating one-lines, panel layouts, wiring diagrams, and schematic drawings. It deals a lot with wiring within specific pieces of equipment, such as the contents of a control panel, and is never to scale.



What you seem to be doing is creating "real world" drawings such as conduit runs, junction box locations, lighting layouts, etc, where the physical location within a building is needed. In this instance, you're better off sticking with regular CAD.

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Maybe we should ask the OP to explain what segment of the design process they are doing, because it may be getting lost in language differences.


Is it lighting and electrical design as in type of, and placement of fixtures and controls for lighting effect, purpose and use, or engineering design of the behind the scenes equipment and circuit requirements? The former is merely graphical representation of fixture & switching placement in relation to the architectural plans, which vanilla AutoCad can do, while the latter is circuit lines and symbols with attributes that make the lights work, which is where AutoCad electrical might be best.

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As far as creating a real world representation AutoCAD electrical and MEP can include conduit run, wire size, labels, load calcs, and much more. But there is a serious learning curve to these programs. Knowledge of AutoCAD helps but is of little help when it comes to the vertical products. I started using MEP thinking it would help with fire alarm design (boy was I wrong) and was totally lost for the first month or so trying to use the program. I ended up just using MEP like vanilla cad and creating all my own content and circuit calcs with my template. If you want to use electrical make sure you find a class or two to take before you dive into it.

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If you want to use electrical make sure you find a class or two to take before you dive into it.




I know this is an old thread, but as someone who uses ACADE everyday, take a class before you dive in. This is no-joking-around dense workflow stuff. Not to mention that ACADE is the basically the forgotten step-child of Autodesk, so if you are looking for innovation, this is not where you are going to find it. I would describe ACADE as "creaky". As in, this building is still standing, but it's old and creaky.

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You can use ACADE for construction and buildings for Electrical such as lighting, outlets, switches, panel boards, power transmission and one lines. You'll have to create your own smart blocks for devices that aren't in the library. You must make sure you use the correct block naming convention, i.e. HCR1.dwg. H = Horizontal, CR = mdb table, 1 = Parent. You can add an under score and extend the name so it more specific.

Example: HCR1_myrelay.dwg



This will insure that when/if you want to add a part number to it, it will go to the right lookup table.



Also it was mention that "such as the contents of a control panel, and is never to scale." Not true.



My layout drawings are always to scale 1:1 I scale my boarder/title block so everything fits.



Just remember ACADE works like ACAD, make sure in the parts of the drawing set where it is electrical used ACADE commands not ACAD commands.

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