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A point in space

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I have a coordinate: 23.7dn 47.4dw

How can I draw a simple line from 0,0,0 at any length to that point (23.7dn 47.4dw)?


Simple huh? For the life of me I can't seem to make this work. HELP!

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Still can't get the command right.

this is what I'm inputting:


drawing a line 1' long to a coordinate....


Specify first point:

Specify next point or [undo]: 1'

Point or option keyword required.


Is this correct? or not?...


I feel like a simpleton.....

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welcome to cad tutor forum!

you can draw a line from 0,0,0 by using command


then inputting


as your first point. the second point could be


but unfortunately i am unfamiliar with your units dn and dw. does this help at all?

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d = degrees.


n and w = north and west.


Looks like you are using or want to use decimal degrees as opposed to degrees-minutes-seconds. Nor does it appear that you want to use bearings like northwest or southeast for example.

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Here's what I'm trying to do. I have a tiff of the Moon Crater Aristarchus. The center of the crater is at 23.7deg north by 47.4 deg west.

I want to attach this tiff using the Image command and position the tiff so that the center of the crater aligns at 23.7deg north by 47.4 deg. west.

I attempted to draw line from 0,0,0 to that point and attach the tiff there.



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Those are longitude and latitude coordinates. They do not work in Cartesian or Polar coordinate systems, which are the options in AutoCAD. I can't think of an easy solution ATM. This should be interesting.

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First, welcome to CADTutor.

I don't think there is an input method to enter coordinates in that way (I could be wrong), the only way I can think of to do it directly is rather long winded, and involves using 'cal to work out the second point of the line.

line   (enter)
specify first point   -   0,0 (enter)
specify second point   -   'cal (enter)
100*vec1([0,0],[47.4,-27.7])  (enter)

using Y for north and X for west.


Failing that just draw a point that you want to use then draw the line from 0,0 and hold the cursor over that point and type in the length you need Autocad will automatically draw it in the direction of the cursor (with dynamic input on and ortho off)

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Another way would be to get a scaled map of the moon with lat./long. lines and measure from 0 lat., 0 long. using a Cartesian or Polar coordinate system.

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Know anyone with Civil 3D? It could be done using the Line By Latitude/Longitude command.


, if it comes with an alternate system for the moon. I believe those values are different because of the size of the orbs.

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Thanks guys for the replys...@ ReMark- no if i did I wouldn't be here. lol...


@RobDraw - why should the system or size have anything to do with it?....I'm just trying to draw a line (however long) from 0,0,0 to a point at 23.7deg N by 47.4deg W....(just trying to locate that point in space)....:)

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