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How do I MATE Constrain or FIX to a compound curve?


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I have an helical screw with its face at an angle to the longitudnal axis. I wish to FIX (so that it will move with the screw) a planar paddle to that surface:

_Paddled Screw 1.jpg

I can align the axes of the parts as above and move the paddle into place:

_Paddled Screw 2.jpg


Now, how can I FIX it there?


All assistance appreciated.



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I have to run now and don't have time to open the files, but are you familiar with multi-body solid modelling?





I used multi-body modelling to derive the paddle, but I haven't found anything on my textbook (or anywhere else) that tells me how to solve this problem with compound curves. Quite simply, Inventor 2015 is not keen on selecting a compound curve face for a constraint.

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Use multi-body and then push out the assembly. Done!



Sorry. I did not make it clear that I wish to add multiple paddles to the screw. Each has to be fixed in position on the screw in a given position.

Using multi-body I can draw them one at a time but that seems a little inefficient. Can I not, somehow, Place multiple paddles and use Joint or similar to fix them? As I said, Inventor does not like selecting compound curves.

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I would use a Curve Driven Pattern.



It took a day to discover that Curve Driven Patterns are Rectangular Patterns that follow a curve (well, that's one example). There's not much out there in Tutorial Land. However, I have had considerable success in achieving my goal - thanks for the help. Now ...



One thing more. In setting up the pattern I had to use a length to establish the distance between paddles. I would prefer to be able to establish the spacing by angle (radial angle around the x-axis). Is there a way to do that?

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