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Cable Tray problem


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i am trying to connect cable tray at two levels , it is only giving me an option to connect using 90 degree

i am trying so it can slope to say 45 degrees any ideas, i can not seem to find connection.

what is right procedure


many thanks

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Let me preface this with stating that I have never worked with cable tray. Select a cable tray item in your project, go to "properties" and select "edit type". A window should open that lists the "type parameters". Under "fittings", you should see "horizontal bend", "vertical inside bend", "vertical outside bend", etc. If the values for these are shown as "none", you need to change them to the type fitting you want to use. If "none" is the only selection available, then you need to load the cable tray fittings that you want into the project. Once you get the fittings in the project, you can change the angle to suit your needs.



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