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Block-based multileader has weird color behavior


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I'm trying to create a block-based multileader style in ACAD 2014 LT, but I'm running in a weird color behavior issue. below is the block used as the base as seen in block editor :




The issue arise with the hatch. I've been using a version without a hatch for a long time without any issues ever, but I would like to have hatch so that I don't have to trim overlapping lines or add boundaries to background hatches, which make any kind of afterthought modifications a pain.


In model space, everything seems fine :




But when seen in paper space, the hatch suddenly takes the layer color (in this case, blue). It's the same wether the multileader is copied directly on the paper or viewed through a viewport.



Why is this happening and is there a workaround? I can't use a wipeout because for some reason, I can't do an ellipsoid wipeout and you can't make an ellipse with polyline arcs.



Thank you

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Try putting the hatch (SOLID?) to True Color 255,255,255. Make sure that it is drawordered below the text and ellipse.


Not sure this will fix the problem, but it sounds suspiciously like similar problems I've had with blocks...

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the trick is, to define the block and insert it into the drawing BEFORE using the multileader that uses the block.


In my case, I have a circle with a blanking mask at the back, and an attribute (to make a number in the middle of the circle). this makes up my block.


if you insert the block BEFORE the multileader, it should work fine.


Attached are 2 files for you to try. one is a block, the other has a multileader that uses that block. Remember, the problem only appears in Paper space so you should test it there.

-Jeffsheet note_x96.dwg


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This represents a "Workaround", I really am not sure why my combination of block and Multileader works, but it does at least for me.


I found that putting the blanking hatch on layer zero may cause the problem in the first place; you may see that I put my blanking hatch on a layer with color 251 (my blanking color) and then I further forced the object (the hatch) to have color = 251.


Good luck


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One small correction: I actually had the hatch's color set to BYLAYER in the Block. -Jw


(NOTE: I have not found out how to edit my posts. Hence the 3 posts in a row.

Not easy to find that information on this site. I emailed so maybe they will tell me soon.)

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