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AutoCAD LT (R) 2013 64bit Service Pack 2 Update is Not Initiating When I click it!

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Hello all,


Every time I open my AutoCAD Program I get a little notification in the upper right saying "AutoCAD LT ® 2013 64bit Service Pack 2 Update" and there is a link to "Update" - or "Install" Now and I click it. An internet explorer window pops up and the screen remains white and a tiny bar along the bottom of the internet browser says "Internet Explorer restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls" and there is a button that says "Allow Access" which, when I click it, does nothing.


I noticed the web address in the browser is a file path pointing to "LiveUpdateFrame.htm" under C:\Users\xxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Autodesk, Inc\AutoCAD LT\R19.\LiveUpdateFrame.htm.


What is going on here? Why would AutoCAD say there is a service pack ready and not allow me to go through with it?


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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I just tried adding the web address that the service pack 2 pulls up in Internet Explorer to the "trusted sites" list. Doesn't help any...what is weird is that the "Web address" is not a typical "http://...." it pointing to that .htm file on my computer. I can access the htm file and I can double click it and even when I open it in different browsers it just continues to pull up a blank page...

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Thanks ReMark, the update through the link you provided worked fine. I didn't bother to go there because I typically try to resolve issues where they occur...but i guess I can let that one go. :D

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