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Getting stuck in dynamic pan mode


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When I use the interactive pan I sometimes get stuck in that mode and have to hit the ALT button to get my cursor to change back from a hand to a box. Does anyone else experience this? Is there a fix?



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Are you using a wheel mouse? If so, click & hold the wheel down to pan, release and pan ends. It saves running the cursor back and forth to the tool bar or typing pan. I've never used the hand icon in 12 years of AutoCad.

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Yes. I use the wheel. Sometimes when I let up it stays in the pan command. There is a context menu when you right click during PAN that offers an EXIT command but it doesn't work. I figured out that hitting the ALT button releases it.

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This error is simple, do not worry ... it happens because you changed the short cut of the mouse buttons

and here is :


the solution :

1- Enter the custom list
2- Choose Custom User Interface

3- Choose Mouse Tabe
4- Reset the mouse button shortcuts
5- save settings
enjoy 😎

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