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The AutoCAD 1 minute challenge!


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I set students a one minute challenge to draw the component shown (pause the video and try it yourself BEFORE I reveal how it's done).


Great practice to get your drafting skills up to speed!



Good luck :)

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With or without the dimensions?


I still haven't watched the end of the video. I did it without dims in 52 seconds on the first try while typing out the commands to prove I wasn't cheating or using preset values for the commands, but I probably spent 2 minutes thinking about it before I started, so I'm not sure which is my official time. (I'll post the videocap later so as not to spoil the results.)


AutoCAD challenge.jpg

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Well done nestly! Yes without dimensions!


I use "first letter" method L for line etc but don't see it as cheating. Props for doing it and typing commands out in full!


I managed it similarly in Draftsight (I'm on my Linux box at the moment) but I'm keen to hear what approach other people had too (my approach may by no means be the best, each to their own!).


If anyone used a quicker method please pass it on (nestly please PM). I've since realised I don't need to do the 300 horizontal line at the start that's for sure!


One student I teach used a 3 point circle to get the centrepoint of the shape and constructed the 45mm circle from there. That method is smart but I can't use it as I need my Centre object snap turned off by then (or it overrides Tangent). In fact changing object snap is the most time consuming part I've found and I only do it once.


Well done everyone for having a go, the time doesn't matter it's the taking part that counts :)

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I started with a three sided polygon.


Sweet, I started with a 3 segment closed polyline.


...I use "first letter" method L for line etc but don't see it as cheating.


No, I don't consider it cheating either, I just meant that I wanted every command and every value entered to be visible in the video.


It's your topic, so I'll post the animation if you want, I just thought it would be interesting to see other results first.

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Failed with 1:12 using 4 circles, copy twice (quadrant/intersection), circle 3p grip edit for center, 3 lines from center offset and then delete, finish of with trim.

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I am more intrigued by this as an exercise in logic, than a race against the clock.

What is the least number of commands with which anybody can do this?

I too, like eldon used a 3 sided polygon Circumscribed about a 45 radius circle.

Used a Scale command with Reference to upsize to the 300 long sided equilateral triangle,

offset by 70 and filleted (Polygon modifier) with radius 70 (no tangentcy issues).

All the circles are simple enough, as you still have the defining equilateral triangle intact.

Yes, I left out a few of the easy steps, this is just a flowsheet of my overall gameplan.

Fun though! :beer:

I am, as always looking forward to seeing nestly's approach and video, as well as hearing

other approaches.

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30 degree polar and running End & Mid OSnaps are among the drafting aids that I always have running, they're not specific to this exercise. Similarly, I entered each value for the commands during the exercise because that's how I'd typically do it anytime else as well. Yeah, I could have done it a few seconds faster, but that's the same procedure I used the first time I attempted.

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Because I am slower than everybody, I cheat with my custom lisps (attached). Here is my try with my cheating:


polygon 3, e, 300

circle 3p > 3 polygon points

dc lisp 90 circle (diameter change lisp)

ccc lisp center, 35, 60, enter (lisp drawing multiple circles with common center)

mcopy 2 circles to all polygon points

jm lisp out 70, enter (jump lisp - offset + erase original object)

fillet r, 70, p, polygon


After first run polygon was preset to 3 sides, dc lisp to 90 and jm lisp to 70. Best time after 4 tries - 45 secs.


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I have endpoint, intersection, center and node constantly running whenever I draw (osmode = 45).


And, yes, endpoint osnap is all you need for this one.

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Paul, the best time I could manage with my method (even using the stored value for Circle, Offset, and Fillet) was 46 seconds, however I got a best time of 39 seconds using your routine and your lisps when the value were already stored. Not sure how much I'll use the others, but I really like CCC :notworthy:


1 Minute Challenge ala Paul.gif

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