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Continue Rendering from Autocad to 3Ds Max

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I have nearly completed a 3D modeling in Autocad. However due to lack of some 3D blocks like dummy mannequin, buyers, shoes... which I do have in .3ds format. I want to know if I can import the DWG file in 3ds Max and continue the rendering/modeling process where I stop in Autocad OR should I restart back to zero in terms of material assigning and so forth.





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You can import the .3ds files into AutoCAD using the 3DSIN command.



If you import your .dwg file to Studio Max, you will have to start over with reassigning textures, setting up materials, etc. I don't have Studio Max on this computer, but I believe you can import lights and cameras with the .dwg file, so if you have those set up in AutoCAD already, you shouldn't have to redo any of that.

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