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Hi All,

I hope i have put this in the right section of the forum.


Introduction to my Queries:

I am working on a 2D housing layout, which has multiple houses, roads, paths and trees, ect. For the record I use Blocks for the houses and within each block contains details such as House Name, Engineering Details (Rain water Pipe, Soil Vent pipe), Hatch Colour, roof line and entrance indication.


The problem:

Quite often I will have to mirror and rotate the houses to give variation for the elevations and general design of the layout.


Now the problem I have, is when using the mirror cmd. The mirror cmd also mirrors the text which mean I have the choice of 2 things:

A- explode the house block and flip the text back.

B- make an additional mirrored blocks for each orientation.


the problem with solution B is i have to then insert a new block each time, which makes the Job very long winded and lengthy especially if i have say 1000 houses on the scheme.


is there a way to have a block which allows you to replace it on the whim?

Like a right click change to opposite block.

or is there a way to make the text to always keep it orientation? despite being mirrored


Thanks in advance



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