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moving object along a specific path


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I'm looking for a macro (preferably. if not, then a lisp)

that will allow me to pick an object, then set an imaginary line between two points, and make the object move only along that line.


it should be similar to the MOVE command.


any ideas?

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I have not had success with setting the angle of polar tracking using 2 points.


You can temporarily set the UCS and then switch it back to world inside the same macro. In that case you'd use ortho to restrict the move.


Either way your users would have to keep their wits about them; I do not think you could restrict the move so much that it can only be moved along one plane (because ortho allows 2 planes). But in my opinion that would still be a useful, time-saving tool.

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Try this there is more combinations 2d versus 3d


(defun c:Test ( / pt1 pt2 pt3 obj)
(setq pt1 (getpoint "\nPick 1st point"))
(setq pt2 (getpoint "\nPick 2nd point"))
(setq obj (entsel "\nPick obj"))
(setq dist (getreal "\nEnter distance"))
(setq ang (angle pt1 pt2))
(setq pt3 (polar pt1 ang dist))
(command "move" obj "" pt1 pt3) 

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  • 2 years later...
.. or something like this?

Open the GO_BACK_en.dwg (Format 2008 ).

Load the GO_BACK_en.lsp. Start by typing GO_BACK.

Good luck!





Hi Jochen, or any other helpful poster.


I love this lisp and it is very useful to me.

I do however find it a problem to always control the direction of the path.

Is there any easy way to predict the motion direction along the path?


In any event, thank you Jochen for this lisp.



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