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Lee Mac Junky


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Lee helped me out a while ago, Thanks Lee. now I find myself pushing further how do I modify or add to his code "ObjectDBXWrapper" to select sub directories?

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Hi highrez2,


I'm pleased to have been of assistance :)


Where my ObjectDBX Wrapper is concerned, you could combine this function with my Get Files Dialog function to enable the user to select drawings from multiple directories for processing, for example:


(defun c:test1 ( / )
           (lambda ( doc )
               (vla-addline (vla-get-modelspace doc)
                   (vlax-3D-point '(0.0 0.0))
                   (vlax-3D-point '(3.0 5.0))
       (LM:GetFiles "Select drawings to process" "" "dwg")

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