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  1. Is there a possibility to get lisp for block counter an total length for all line and polyline in one command ? ( export data to table ) Any ideas for merging the two lispes i attached files? CountV1-5.lsp Totallenght.lsp
  2. I have autolisp program but when I run this program error "error: no function definition: GETEXCEL" are arrived. i also used this extension program but error is still there "http://web2.airmail.net/terrycad/LISP/GetExcel.lsp" so please help to remove this error...
  3. defun C:CR (/ PNT1 P1X P1Y STDY DY COORD PTXT) (defun *error* ( m ) (princ m) (redraw) (princ)) (while (= 5 (car (setq pnt (grread nil 13 0)))) (redraw) (setq str (mapcar 'rtos (trans (cadr pnt) 1 0))) (LM:DisplayGrText (cadr pnt) (LM:GrText (strcat "E " (car str) "\nN " (cadr str))) 3 15 -31) ) (redraw) (setq str1 (reverse (cdr (reverse str)))) (setq COORD(strcat "E " (car str)) COORD1(strcat "N " (cadr str))) (command "LEADER" (cadr pnt) PAUSE "" COORD COORD1 "" "") (princ)) ; end (princ "\n E,N CO-ORDINA
  4. I want any explain how to use "Automatically Label Attributes" LiSP, i need steps how to add serial number on pipes this LISP from LEE MAC.
  5. So I have been trying to figure this out with several approaches now and I need some help. I would like to send all Wipeouts, or really any specified entity type, within a block to the back of the draw order. Is there a way to do this using Lee Mac's Apply To Block Objects routine? I tried this in conjunction with his draw order routines but the MovetoBottom command kept failing. I'm pretty rough with VisualLisp which is part of the issue when trying to troubleshoot his great routines. Or what about this approach? (I dont really understand it, again Visual Lisp
  6. Hey Guys! I found an awesome lisp file for my work(Lee Mac's Text calculator) and i started using it.It adds numerical text and place the result.But my cad project consists many numbers and I can't separate the selected number from the unselected one.Can any one update it to change the color after the text is selected. please It's urgent!!! TextCalc.lsp
  7. Hi every one, I am jonir an electrical engineer. I have a small idea that I like to implement .. I need a lot to calculate the length of a polyline or line that represents In my work the power consumtion next step, I calculate how meny loads on it on exel sheet and then the output is the value of the voltage drop by this equation ( 24 - I*(R/Length)* Length from drawing) 24 : Constant voltege I : sumition carrunt from different loads I choose it. R/Length : constant L: length of line or polyline from drawing. Is that possible by lisp? Best re
  8. Hi Please could someone assist with modifying an existing routine that moves a nested entity (NestedMoveV1-2.lsp by Lee Mac). This is an awesome routine, and I have looked into the code, but unfortunately I am still too new to LISP to make any progress. If someone could perhaps show me how to modify the routine to do the following , I would really appreciate it: 1. Enable the entity being moved to be visually "dragged" with the cursor (perhaps this has somehting to to with DRAGMODE system variable?) - this would enable me to accurately place the entity in the new position whil
  9. Hi All Members Please Please help me for text on Polyline with block Sorry for English S2_A1_CS_LIST_FINAL.dwg
  10. Hi everyone, I am using Lee Mac's Program BrowseForFolderV1-3.lsp (http://www.lee-mac.com/directorydialog.html) to save and open folder's contents in a DCL box. I have set the value for the bit Parameter to 16384: (GetFiles:browseforfolder "" "" 16384). In this way, when I am exploring the folders, I can see that there are .lnk folders, but I don't achieve to open the .lnk folders and see/save their content. Does anybody know if I need to use another bit parameter combination or do I have to modify the "browseforfolder" function to accomplish my task? Please find attached a Screenshoot
  11. All, I was wondering if anyone else was having a problem using Lee Mac's "Add to Block " on a dynamic block? Recently our title blocks have changed over to dynamic and now I cant use "Add to block" anymore. Thanks, Brian
  12. All, I've been using Lee Mac's "Add object to block" lisp for sometime now and it works great, and one of the things I use it for is my title block for revisions but now the revision block has been inserted into the title block as a block and it won't add what I want to the revision block. Is there a way to make it find the revision block inside of the title block? Basically I would to able to pick the block inside of a block. ;;----------------=={ Add Objects to Block }==----------------;; ;; ;; ;; Adds all objects in the p
  13. Hello all. First off let me thank Lee Mac for all that he does with LISP and how he helps others out. He is a great value to the community. Now for the question I have been trying to get his Tip of the day lisp working. I have the lisp in my startup suite, it and the text file are both in a support file search path, and it does not show a tip at the start of the day. The Lisp does load because I can type (LM:tip) and it shows a tip, it just does not show anything for the first dwg of the day. Could the issue be that I am using Civil 3D 2015, maybe so variable that is causing the problem
  14. Hey guys, So thanks to Lee Mac, I've got this stellar labeling LISP that works for a variety of situations. I need help throwing one more situation into the mix. I'd like it to have different behavior when labeling the block named "Symbol - Tree CRZ". Within this block, there is a User Parameter called "PercentImpacted" that uses an expression based on other user parameters to return a specific value. For this block, I need the leader text to say: "[Value from PercentImpacted parameter to 1 decimal place] + "% CRZ" Ex: I'd like the leader to work how the hatch compon
  15. I have two Lisp Programmes with me, One of those LISP is downloaded from LEEMAC 1st Lisp gives the hatch area as text in AutoCAD drawing 1 - Areas2FieldV1-3.lsp 2nd Lisp gives an output as .txt file when you click two text objects in the drawing 2 - 2str.lsp I want to combine those 2 lisp programmes into one. Expecting output : Every hatch has individual survey numbers, by selecting the survey number & respective hatch, Result should be survey Number, Hatch Area. Is it Possible ?? Very Very Urgent for me.:(
  16. Hey guys! So the amazing Lee Mac wrote two different versions of a LISP based on a request I posted. Workflow demands have changed and now I need to modify the lisp to be somewhere in between the two versions. Version 1 & Version 2. For the combo lisp, I need: The block multileader to populate from the block's description, rather than name (like it does in Version 1). If there is no description, then the contents should default on block name (not from either version, but it would be helpful. I'm not sure how tricky it would be to code) The block multileader to autom
  17. Hi Lee, been using this code in daily basis, Just a quick question. Would it be possible to add "plot to PDF" after it changes the attribute values? http://www.lee-mac.com/batte.html
  18. DesmetMartin

    Layer Lisp Question

    I have a Lisp from Lee Mac which I would like to be modified. I would like to have a setting that let's you choose which layer it should be on. I have tried to write something myself and only came up with this: ****************************************************************** (setq TASH (getint "\nChoose dimensions layer: Dim. (1), Front view (2)")) ); end while ); progn );TASH = 1, Dim (if (= TASH 1 ) (progn ; S-Dimensions (command "DIM*" "S-DIMENSIONS" "Dimension Layer" 3 "Continuous" -3 1
  19. hello sir, I have a selection set consists of number of ellipse I want to get center point, minor width and major width of each ellipse and stored in excel file. please help regarding this.....
  20. i want to extract all coordinate and dimension from AutoCAD drawing(attached file) i am using below code they extract only circle dimension, what can i do to extract other dimension.. (vl-load-com) (defun c:test (/ i e p1 p2 ss lst q var f fn dat dat1) ;hanhphuc 2014 (set 'var (getvar 'cmdecho )) (setvar 'cmdecho 0) (if (and (setq e (entsel "\nPlease select solid.. ")) (setq e (car e)) (= (cdr (assoc 0 (entget e))) "3DSOLID")) (progn (vla-GetBoundingBox (setq obj (vlax-ename->vla-object e)) 'p1 'p2) (mapcar ''((a b) (set a (vlax-safearray->list b))) '(p1
  21. i have a 3D object in autocad and i want to create selection set of line, circle, arc, polyline of that object using visual lisp. please help.. thanks in advance... Drawing1.dwg
  22. i need help to extract length, width and thickness from 3-D constant thickness object using visual lisp... and showing this L, B & T value in file...
  23. I'm trying to get LISP to automate the editing of a bunch of dynamic blocks for basic things like width and depth. I want to have all these values set up by model numbers in in an Excel spreadsheet. In order to accomplish this, I've used the code for "Set Dynamic Property Value" by Lee Mac and "GetExcel" by Terry Miller (thank you both so much for getting me this far). I have succeeded in getting LISP to manipulate dynamic blocks with Lee Mac's code, but only using hard numbers. I can also get Getexcel to return numbers from my .xls. But I can't get those Excel numbers into the dynamic
  24. Okay guys so here is what I am looking for, I want to write a lisp or modify an existing lisp, that will select blocks within a given selection frame and summarize the attribute data in table either in the drawing or an excel file. I found LeeMac's awesome program "Count Attribute Values" but my issues is that for right now its still way over my head so I am having difficulties following much of it. Also I would like to limit it to blocks with a certain name(s) and then within that block only summarize one specific attribute because the blocks have a count attributes which isn't necessary
  25. Hi, Would it be possible to create a LISP routine that can take 300-1000 AutoCAD files and rename dimstyle,textstyle automatically? : Cry:: Cry:
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