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Modify Block Attributes; VB.NET


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I need to change the attribute of "tag" = "PRO" in all blocks of the model space of the active document in autocad. The text you need to add is "my project".


I searched for information about walking blocks and change the attributes but I get nothing. Can anyone help me please?

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Welcome to CADTutor!


Once you've obtained the desired BlockTableRecord, simply iterate GetBlockReferenceIds(), opening each BlockReference and edit the Attribute as needed... Here are some articles that may help:


Identify the number of reference to a block


Updating a specific attribute inside an AutoCAD drawing using .NET


Edit Attribute Definitions




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Here is some examples to get you started


Public Sub ModifyPitSchedule1()
' adds single pt

Dim SS As AcadSelectionSet
Dim objENT As AcadEntity
Dim Count, Cntr As Integer
Dim Newpitname As String
Dim pitname As String
Dim FilterDXFCode(0) As Integer
Dim FilterDXFVal(0) As Variant
Dim PitNameSelect As AcadObject
Dim basepnt, pt1, pt2, pt3 As Variant
Dim attribs As Variant

'On Error Resume Next

Newpitname = "1"   'dummy to pass then return changed

pitname = Getpitname(Newpitname)

MsgBox "pitname selected is " & pitname

FilterDXFCode(0) = 0
FilterDXFVal(0) = "INSERT"
'FilterDXFCode(1) = 2
'FilterDXFVal(1) = "SCHEDTEXT"

Set SS = ThisDrawing.SelectionSets.Add("pit1sel")
SS.Select acSelectionSetAll, , , FilterDXFCode, FilterDXFVal

For Cntr = 0 To SS.Count - 1

If SS.Item(Cntr).Name = BLOCK_NAME Then

  attribs = SS.Item(Cntr).GetAttributes
    If attribs(0).TextString = pitname Then
      pt1 = ThisDrawing.Utility.GetPoint(, " pick first point")

      txtx1 = CStr(FormatNumber(pt1(0), 3))
      TXTY1 = CStr(FormatNumber(pt1(1), 3))
       attribs(1).TextString = txtx1
       attribs(2).TextString = TXTY1
'        ThisDrawing.Application.Update
' try this
       Cntr = SS.Count
    Else: End If
Else: End If

Next Cntr
End Sub


This one allows either a text as the name of the attribute or pick a block


Function Getpitname(Newpitname As String) As String

Dim PitNameSelect As AcadObject
Dim pitattribs As Variant

ThisDrawing.Utility.GetEntity PitNameSelect, basepnt, "pick pit name : "
If PitNameSelect.ObjectName = "AcDbText" Then
 Getpitname = PitNameSelect.TextString
End If

If PitNameSelect.ObjectName = "AcDbBlockReference" Then
 pitblname = PitNameSelect.Name   ' RETURNS BLOCK NAME
 pitattribs = PitNameSelect.GetAttributes
 Getpitname = pitattribs(0).TextString

End If

End Function

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