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Can't Change the Justification and Scale of MLINE with VBA

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I'm trying to draw a MLINE using the vertex of a Polyline and that part of the macro works ok, but when I try to change the justification and/or the scale of the MLINE changing the system variables before drawing the MLINE, it doesn't work, I always get the same justification and/or scale.


The strangest thing is that when I check the system variables in the command line they have the value the macro set but the MLINE drawn by the macro doesn't assume the new justification and/or scale.


What is the problem? Using Autocad 2009 or 2014. Here is my code>


Public Sub poly()
   Dim pline As AcadLWPolyline
   Dim multiLine As AcadMLine
   Dim points(0 To 5) As Double
   Dim mpoints(0 To  As Double
   Dim varData As Variant
   points(0) = 2: points(1) = 4
   points(2) = 4: points(3) = 2
   points(4) = 6: points(5) = 8
   mpoints(0) = 2: mpoints(1) = 4: mpoints(2) = 0
   mpoints(3) = 4: mpoints(4) = 2: mpoints(5) = 0
   mpoints(6) = 6: mpoints(7) = 8: mpoints( = 0
   ThisDrawing.SetVariable "CMLJUST", 1
   ThisDrawing.SetVariable "CMLSCALE", 3
   ThisDrawing.Regen acActiveViewport
   Set pline = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddLightWeightPolyline(points)
   Set multiLine = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddMLine(mpoints)

End Sub




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Try using MLine properties instead of system variables

for instance

    multiLine.Justification = acBottom
   multiLine.Lineweight = acLnWt005

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Thank you, it worked. Just one correction, to change the Scale the property is MLineScale not Lineweight.



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