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Errors while filleting 3D object


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I'm trying to fillet all of the edges of the winding extrusions on this part. I've circled one section that partially filleted, with the exception of the narrow curve. When I try to do other areas this error comes up:


Modeling Operation Error:

Could not find acceptable sequence of capping faces to trim blend face.

Failed to perform blend.

Failure while filleting.


Any thoughts? I'm running the student version of AutoCAD 2015

3d Pauldron 2.dwg

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I just spent about 15 minutes trying to do it, and while it looked like it was going to work,

I too got blend failure problems repeatedly.

You might try reducing the radius of your fillet.

Do you still have the original linework from which you created the 3D Solid?

If you do, try posting that, as it may help to shed some light on the problem.

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Thanks for the replies. The method shown in the gif fixed the circled area, but there are still a few other areas that it doesn't work. To clarify, I'd like to fillet all of the raised details in the manner shown in the gif.


I've attached the 2D drawing that I based the model off of and circled one of the problem areas. Like I said, some of the details will fillet, other areas won't.

Line Base.dwg

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I believe there are some inconsistencies and discontinuities (non-tangent) issues that may be causing the problem. I also had trouble with that area in your 3D model, but after cleaning up the overlaps and refilleting all the 1.43218200R fillets, I was able to extrude your 2D geometry and fillet all the edges without trouble using the Chain option to make sure all the edges on the perimeter were selected.



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As noted by nestly you must have a clean 3d model as it should be in all cases. Personally when I'm doing a complicated model like the one you've shown I would create the parts separately first, meaning the outer portion separate and each component separate so you can do the functions you desire with each component then union into a single solid. Some will disagree but since you are wanting to fillet the edges of the model autocad is most likely going to continue giving you error messages. It is unable to fillet a continuous edge when one solid is a single piece connected to a circular solid while if you create them separate, filleting the single piece and then the circular piece followed by the union of the pieces into one. It may still have issues when trying to union because of the mixing of the fillets. I've been doing this 3d stuff a long time but I don't have all the terminology down so hopefully what I'm saying makes sense. If what you are doing is really critical and must be done the final option would be to create a pline that follows the edges of your object then draw a shape that you would like to trim away from the solid then extrude using path and subtracting the created trimming edge from your solid. That's how I used to have to do 3d fillets before filletedge came out. Good luck.

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Here is what I did quickly using the extrusion path for a small portion of your object. You can see where I created a special UCS for aligning with the direction for the object to be extruded then subtracted the extruded object from the solid. Not sure what you used to create the object but you will have fewer problems if you use circles, arcs, lines and plines to create your solid model. I had to break my path line in order to get it to extrude which means a lack of continuity in your line/arc creation. Again sorry about the terminology or lack thereof

3d Pauldron 2.jpg

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So I redid most of the fillets and found a fixed a few spots that were over lapping, but I'm still getting a blend error when I try to fillet. Nestly, could you perhaps run me through what you did to clean up in a little more detail? Should I be converting everything to polylines and joining them?


A3dtot, I extruded the outer line first to make a shape 14mm thick, then I extruded the 3 inner... cavities let's say... then subtracted them to get the lines. I also tried slicing the bottom of the S with the lines coming off of them and filleting that separately, but still no luck on my end. Also you kind of lost me with the extrusion path and UCS.


I've done a fair amount of work in autocad, but it has been a few years and this is my first time working in 3D. It's entirely possible that I've made other mistakes such as not having my drawing set up properly or something like that. I also tried tracing everything except the circles with polylines, but came up with similar results. The measurements don't have to be exact, what I'm going for with this is something that looks fairly similar.

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