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How to add attribute text an existing block

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Hi everybody,


I hope, all are doing well,


In my dwg I want to add one more attribute text an existing used block, In that block itself has already 5 attribute text. The attribute value (text) has been placed to avoid clashing with other text. I added one more attribute text in that block by using block editor command. after this i need to use battman command to bring text as visible which i added by me. The problem is while i am completed battman command that existing attribute text's moving to original place, and texts clashing with other texts.


1. I need to add one more attribute text an existing block (already 5 attribute text's used)

2. I need to keep existing attribute values in the same place.

thank you very much..

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It's difficult to answer that without seeing the block, could you post a copy? however it might be something simple like needing to make sure that that the "lock position" property of the attributes is ticked. You should do that when you create an attribute, but it can be altered in the properties toolpalette, or you may need to try using the attsync command which is often needed after you alter an existing block.

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