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revit.... erm help please


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I work within a small company and we have been told by a fairly large client, that if we are to continue working with them, we need to submit individual icons of each of our products.


These will then be used within the drawings prepared by their M&E consultant.


What we are talking about here are light fittings.


Am I right in thinking that these are some form of 3D model of each product, possibly with properties.


If so can these be created without revit and might they include properties such as the photometric files ?

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Thats my point...


we don't have revit, nor can we afford to invest in it for a single customer.


We have been told we have to provide icons for our products for the M&E consultant.


So can in be converted/imported from another format such as Autocad ?


And if the file is to carry properties.... what might these be for a light fitting ?

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I don't know much more than what I have put in my initial post....


but here is the request in full from our client.


XXXX have advised their intension to move from Autocad 2D onto an Autocad Revit 3D platform, all M&E consultants working for XXXX will be using the Revit MEP2009 package,in the near future


To facilitate this we will require (from the whole of the supply chain) icons formed within Revit, that represent an accurate representation of each piece of equipment that you supply to XXXX – These icons will be required in January next year and should be issued to the sender for collation within an ‘XXXX library’ of icons


The M&E consultants will prepare design drawings incorporating the icons provided and detail the interconnecting ductwork, pipework etc using the Revit MEP package


I have scheduled the equipment required, all icons will require the approval of XXXX and/or their appointed representative, so you are encouraged to prepare an initial icon for approval prior to wide scale implementation


In the case of ourselves, the equipment we supply are luminaires.

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Hi there,


I suppose this is a bit late, but yes, you can nodel items in autocad and use them in Revit, not that they will be much use though.


It is difficult to have the amount of information that Revit can handle in respect to the families in an autocad object. Revit is so much more advanced as far as product information, ies, materials etc.


I know the software is on the pricey side, but it is well worth it. Revit and BIM are increasing in popularity and it will replace 2d drafting eventually.

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