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Give (not edit) a tag attribute value to existing multiple blocks in the same file??

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Hi all!


I would like to give (notedit) a tag attribute value to existing multiple blocks.

The attribute is defined as ‘SIGNCODE’ but the value of thisattribute is currently empty.Also I need to givedifferent values to the ‘SIGNCODE’ for multiple blocks in the same file.

I am using AutoCAD 2013.

The full story is: Due to my project’s requirements, I hadto add additional attributes to existing block. Now I need to fill the valuesof these additional attributes. Each value applies for more than one blocks in the file. Example: If my file contains 300 blocks I wouldlike to give a ‘EX3’ value to the ‘SIGNCODE’ for 100 blocks, a ‘FB’value to the ‘SIGNCODE’ for 50 blocks, and a ‘AE’ value to the sameattribute for the rest of the blocks in the file.


PS: I checked older post ‘Editing the same attribute in multipleblocks at one time??? but the ATTEDIT solution does not work in my case.

Alsoselecting multiple blocks and then filling the properties pallet does not work as theblock attributes do not show in the properties..


Your help highly appreciated!:)

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The values should show up in the properties. If you have added the attributes to existing blocks then you may need to run attsync to get the new attributes to show up, and then you can select and fill in the values for multiple blocks

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:DThanks a lot! Indeed using the properties is the best way to resolve the issue!I tried with another PC and the block attributes are shown in the properties pallet. Can you figure out why the block attributes are not visible in my PC AutoCad? Is there any settings i could modify? Thanks again!

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