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Basic Conduit Drawing in Revit


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The Structural file we have linked is a pain. Generating a view with no links loaded takes about half a second. Generating a large 3d view with the architecture link on takes about 2 seconds. Generating any view with the structure on takes about 5-10 minutes. This is extra painful because we have to measure off of the slabs for some of our conduit. Is there a good way to dimension off of it? When I turn the link of to work faster the dimensions disappear. Should I just trace the slab and dimension off of the lines so that I don't have to turn on the structure and wait 10 mins to plot? There is a way to get the links to monitor the structure file and move if it changes correct?

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That doesn't sound right. I would do some investigating. Is the structural model a true native Revit model? Or is it a DWG import? If it is all native Revit objects, then that must be some structural model in size and detail.


If it is native Revit Structural, what I would do is open the Link itself, and put ONLY the things you need on a Workset that you name accordingly. Things like Columns, Framing, Joist and Slabs. This way in your MEP model, you can unload all objects on the other Workset with the Manage Links dialog. This will give you a lean Structural model to work with.


Also, some other general tips that will help: use Thin Lines, use Wireframe visual style, Turn off any shadows in any non-Wireframe visual style, use Consistent visual style with no shadows rather than Shaded, use Coarse View. Those miscellaneous things can drastically increase Revit performance.

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Is there anyway to get the bottom vertical justification to actually be the Bottom? When I have -6' with bottom justification for something the bottom is actually -6'-0 3/4". It seems like the offset is still using the middle because the size is 1 1/4" so the OD would be 1 1/2". Do I really have to do the math every time to get the conduit in the spot I want?




Is there a reason to do families for custom built equipment like switchboards? I thought families were used more for elements that will be used regularly, but some equipment could vary drastically from job to job. The current Switchboard has 4 sections but the next one we use could easily have 10 and I don't see a way to make a family that could be used for both. Either that or I completely misunderstood this portion of Revit like most other portions.


Edit 2:


Opened the structure file and it runs like butter. Don't know why it runs slow as a link. It has worksets already in it but there don't show up in the electrical file, do I have to turn these on a off in views?


Edit 3:


Is there a way to edit section boxes while in a design option? The project I'm working on has a lot of design options and I find it annoying that I have to go back into the main model to move the section box.


Also is there a policy on bumping threads. I hate to act like I'm taking advantage of people on this forum, and Tannar has already helped me so much.

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Hi Epicurwin,


Start the Conduit on the Plan as normal. When entering the second point (which will be directly above/below the first), enter the desired "Offset:" on the options bar and click Apply, and it should create a vertical run.

You just read it what above stated slowly and try it step by step and it worked. You knew it will be easy.




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