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Autocad 2015 Express Tools - Manually Loading?


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For some reason the Express Tools were not loaded when they installed Autocad 2015.

I guess the checkbox was overlooked among the tons of other stuff loaded.


In days of old you could copy the Express Tools folder, load the Express Tools Menu

and "APPLOAD" the main file and you were good to go.


I found the Express folder among the install files (they're not compressed)

But when I go to load the menu, I don't see it.


Can anyone walk me through the process of manually loading the Express Tools in Autocad 2015 (Please??)


Thanks Much!!

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I did find the "acetmain.cuix" menu file among the setup files and have loaded it.

The Express Tools is now showing up in my menu.


What file do I "APPLOAD" to get the Tools to work?



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Yes Sir.

Restarted ACAD and verified the path is there..


I have also loaded acettest.fas and acetutil.fas (which I thought made everything go)...

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To add to the mystery...


Some items are now working.

Autonumber (tcount), Enclose in object (tcircle), Superhatch, Text Case (tcase) all work


Move/Copy/Rotate (mocoro), Convert to MTEXT (txt2mtxt) still not working...

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You want something bad enough, you figure it out...


Talk about weird $%&%!

Here is the mystery file:




Load that and TXT2MTXT works...



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I'm not sure why you took the approach that you did. Most users will install Express Tools right from the installation DVD, even after the fact, rather than copy a folder and try to install manually.

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Where I work, someone else does the installing and trying to get something fixed... may take several days.


Self-help gets things done much faster..


Perfect world, I get to install myself and have complete control.

I don't work in that world..


If some of my applications didn't require Admin privileges,

I probably couldn't have done what I did to get it working..

You can't copy files into any folders under \Program Files or under the \Root as a USER.

You can't even delete shortcuts off your desktop.


Locked down..


That's my world..


ps: To get Move/Copy/Rotate to work, load: mocoro.arx




I just tend to come here first.

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