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Component already exists


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I have an issue with a component tag in a project that "already exists" so i had a relay coil, i inserted it, assigned a part number through the catalog look-up. I ended up deleting it and puting it on another drawing... well when i put it on the other drawing i want to use the same tag name... when i did that it says the component tag already exists.. i go re-insert the child components and select the parent respectively. The child updates the crossreference; however, the parent does not. I am assumign this is due to the duplicate tag..


How do i purge all tags in the tag list, that are not drawn on a page within the project?


or how do i view the components list, and delete tags to purge them from the database?

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nvm, sorry i surfed to the components after the original insert and found that a relay coil was way off page on another file in the project.. dope!!!

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