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STSC_uvVectorMap 2015 version

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This Beta seems stable enough, but I’ve made a number of modifications that could have some down range issues. Given that, I’d advise using this routine on well insulated files. For the time being, it may even make sense to utilize this routine via a separate session of AutoCAD, to minimize the hazards of a crash. Drawings opened in other sessions of AutoCAD would be safe.


I’m still working on some known minor issues, so I may update prior to submitting to the Exchange.


As always, please do not hesitate to mention any problems that arise. Thanks.


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This beta applies to AutoCAD 2016 as well. Due to 2016’s new security features, though, you will be prompted to allow loading on first run – even if the Bundle is placed in the ApplicationPlugins folder.


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Hello everyone.  In response to a private message request, here is an update to the uvVectorMap routine.  NOTE:  I'm flying blind here.  I don't have access to any version beyond AutoCAD 2018 so these DLLs (exactly the same as uvVectorMap 2016) my cause problems in latter versions. 


The only difference in this 2021 bundle was a modification in 'PackageContents.xml' to allow for use in 2016+.  I expect everything will work fine, but the prospective beta testers will have to confirm that for me.


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In light of the lack of any testing on my side, these bundles should be considered 'Alpha' versions.  Use accordingly.

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Bundles are a package of programs menus help etc just unzip to there.


So just unzip to



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