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Unable to print 2010 drawings in 2015 AutoCAD

amy vancho

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Once upon a time, in 2005, a basic map of our local communitty college was created as an AutoCAD drawing. The map included buildings, sidewalks and parking areas. As a student in 2010 I made copies of this map, did some surveying of planting beds and added the results to the 2005 on 2010 CAD. I have my 2010 drawings on an older computer. I was not able to view the drawings because 2010 expired. Rather than renew the older version I bought a new computer and acquired AutoCAD 2015. Then copy/paste the folders contents to new computer where I could finally open them and view them........

........but I cannot print them.

Is it because the original map is too old? I get Proxy information which says.....contains custom object created by unavailable Object ARX application.

Missing Application : Aec Civil Cogo.

Should I be more specific with my copy request when transfering files from old to new computer?

Or could it please be something simple like.....unlock something so you can print.

I have a fun project ahead of me but before I can start I need to know if I have to start from the beginning of time....or can I add more detail to an existing project.

My immediate goal is to reclaim the 2015 map to print and add more details to it.

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Thank you for reading my first post. I'm wondering........ if 2005 was produced on a 2D program....and I enhanced it on a 3D in 2010...... and transfered the files to 2D 2015...??

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AutoCAD 2015 has no problem opening drawings created in previous versions/releases of the program. Just a few weeks ago I found a drawing file on a floppy disk that was created using Release 9 and I was able to open it with no problem using 2015. And the fact that the drawing may have started out in 2D and ended up in 3D has no bearing on the matter either.

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COGO is Coordinate Geometry, and usually associated with Civil disciplines, so my guess is one or both of the previous versions was AutoCAD Civil3D or AutoCAD Map3D. I don't use either, but I do receive C3D drawings, which do require a C3D object enabler to display properly. If you can edit your thread title, I'd change it to include "COGO" which should get the attention of the Civil users here.

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Or just use aectoacad or -exporttoautocad.






Specifies how the program checks for object enablers.


Object enablers allow you to display and use custom objects in drawings even when the ObjectARX application that created them is unavailable. PROXYWEBSEARCH is also controlled with the Live Enabler options on the System tab of the Options dialog box.









Prevents checking for object enablers





Checks for object enablers only if a live Internet connection is present


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Problem Solved! Thank you for the informative replies. It was a printing configuration problem. Now I can continue with my project.

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